"Scratch a dog, and you'll find a permanent position" -Franklin P. Jones

Theresa O'Dell

Theresa O'Dell started Picture Perfect Pets in 2015 out of Gladwin, MI. and soon opened in Harrison, MI. in 2017. Starting her career in New Jersey as a bather in a high volume atmosphere, Theresa brings almost 20yrs of experience to the table. She has always had a passion to work with animals and holds a high standard to delivering her clients with outstanding results and a contagious love.

Zoie Visscher

Zoie is a one of our Finishing Groomer/ Pet Stylist here at Picture Perfect Pets. She is an outstanding young lady and a dog mom of three. She has always had a soft spot for animals and always knew she would grow to work with animals in some way, and she brings that passion with her to work every day. Zoie is approaching 2 years of experience in the grooming industry and she is a strong employee here at Picture Perfect Pets where she started her professional career in the beginning 2022. Before grooming, Zoie spent her time on a farm caring for animals of all types and has a great appreciation of each animal’s own traits and personalities.

Savannah Gardner

Savannah is also a Finishing Groomer/ Pet Stylist here at Picture Perfect Pets. She has been with us since the beginning of the new year starting 2024 and has been openly accepted by our customers. She has been grooming professionally for over four years and loves what she does. Savannah grew up on a cattle farm and started working with animals from a young age. She has a difined passion for the outdoors and animals of all kinds and has made a lifelong career in the grooming industry so she can continue working with what she loves. She enjoys reading and horseback riding among other hobbies, but above all, she favors her family.

Ryley Overton

Ryley is a hard-working and determined young lady. She started working with Picture Perfect Pets while enrolled in the high school’s Agricultural Science program. She now runs the bathing department and oversees the bathing, brushing, and drying process. She is the first interaction your pet has within Picture Perfect Pets and she greets every one of them with arms wide open. She is full of love, compassion, and patience and has been a great asset to Picture Perfect Pets.